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Britney Spears.

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Despite her young age, Britney´s old acquaintance of the American public. You are in the scene since 12 years, and despite theshenanigans that led to hospitalization for detoxification for drug use and attitudes controversy, Britney always returns to the world ofshowbiz.

Born in the small town of Kentwood, Louisiana, Spears was set to become pop star. From an early age, participated in singing competitions and dance, driven by her mother Lynne Spears, whoenrolled in the schools of jazz and ballet. At age 5, first sang at graduation from kindergarten. At 8, he made his first test toparticipate in "The Mickey Mouse Club", but was rejected for being too young.

Then he spent whole summers practicing in New York Dance Center´s Off-Broadway and at the Professional Performing Arts School, to get a role in the musical Ruthless in 1992, alongdeNatalie Portman, who also became famous.

And finally get a place in the cast of the television show "The Mickey Mouse Club" from 1993 to 1994. At his side were partners who also become stars like Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez(who years later would form the band ´N Sync), and singer ChristinaAguilera. The program ended when Britney was 13.


Her second single and album, "Oops! I did it again, "which also achieved huge success, and Britney went for the record books - theGuinness Book of Records - as the band´s fastest selling female:1.3 million copies in its first week. The tour to release the CDarrived in Brazil in 2001.
In 2004, a major tour was cut short. The success of his first twoalbums endorsed receiving ten million dollar advance for his 2003 album, "In the Zone". With revenues falling, Britney Spears has received four million dollars for "Blackout." Others came CDs, in sequence, many of them meeting of old singles.
The success as a pop star came in 1999 at age 18 when the singer launches the hit "Baby One More Time." Britney attractedattention for his style ranging from high school student dressed inlingerie and vamp luxury. Under management of her mother, Lynne, the singer became a sales phenomenon. The single sold 125,000copies its first week. And the album of the same name reached the top spot on the charts.

In April 1999, the singer posed on the cover of "Rolling Stone" withsexy clothes - a blue bra, short black polka dots and hands, aphone and a Teletubbie. The American Family Association (AFA) considered the photos as a "disturbing mix of childhood innocenceand adult sexuality" and asked that the magazine was removedfrom newsstands.


The buzz around the personal life of Britney Spears began in 2002 after completing his four-year relationship with Justin Timberlake,former partner of "Mickey Mouse Club", a former member of boy band ´N Sync and a star in rise.
It seems that Britney enjoy being the central figure in the scandals.The following year, after drinking too much at a party at the turn of the year in 2004, he married an impromptu ceremony in Las Vegas with childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander and remained locked in a room with him for 55 hours. He then requested cancellation of the ceremony.

In 2004, he confessed his love for Kevin Federline, a former dancerwith his band, and in March, the tour launches The Onyx Hotel Tour,which simulates masturbation onstage during the song "Touch of My Hand" and sex with a dancer in "Breathe on me." She and the dancers wore costumes in miniature scene. That same year he broke his knee while shooting a music video and spent eightmonths in recovery. During this period, got engaged to Federline.
The following year married and had two sons, who was accusedBritey that almost hurt to run the photographers, From there it wasput to test their ability to mother for justice. And to this day suffers from it, also having serious problem with drink and drugs charges.


In some phases of his career was troubled Britney Spears and decided to expose themselves in some way, some times changedthe hair to come shave my head. Others are willing to be photographed in inappropriate situations or even the press she reported something disturbing.
Although it never made an issue of his decisions, he always believes he is doing to her just disregard it and somehow you are right, the only forgetting that she makes is that he became a "public person" and always will be cited so good or bad. Yet we can notforget the size of this talented woman with the soul of a teenager,his wonderful voice and songs that despite their bold depict real events.
So fans should just keep smiling every time she is happy and no matter how it is judged.


By: Gente Babado.
Giuliana Coraiola and Good Tips.
Orçamentos de Laguinhos
Monte em instantes o orçamento para seu laguinho.

Filtros Biológicos
Veja on-line que custa muito pouco acabar com as algas.

Anti-algas e Anti-Cloro
O fim das algas em seu lago.

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