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Founded on May 13, 1899, was the third Brazilian club to practice active futebol.O Victoria was born of a pioneering initiative of the brothers Arthur and Artemio Valente.Vindos a traditional Bahian family, acquired a taste for cricket in England, where they studied . Upon returning to Brazil, brought in the luggage passion for the sport.

At the time, cricket dominated the preference of Bahia, but the sport was restricted to English immigrants, leaving the Brazilians the rotten "privilege" to replenish the balls on the field, almost the same duty of today´s exercise ball boys.

Tired of this discrimination, nineteen young people had the idea to create an association that deliver more of that burden and not deprive them of practicing esporte.Então, on May 13th, a meeting was scheduled for the Valente brothers´ house, and would also participation of friends of Irenaeus Adolfo Santos, Alberto Teixeira, Chalk Antonio Almeida, Antonio Peixoto Guimaraes, Augusto Francisco Lacerda, Carlos Carvalho, Carlos Oliveira Teixeira, Fernando Kock, Hebert Filgueiras, hawthorn Joaquim Pinto Costa, Joaquim Rodrigues Chaves, George Wilcox, Juvenal Teixeira , Leobino Cavalcante, Octavio Castro Rabelo, Pedro Almeida Gonçalves Ferreira and Quentin sources, all residents of the Victoria Hall.

The meeting began with many questions about which name the club that would rival the British. With this goal in mind, many suggestions were given patriotic as the Cricket Club Cricket Club Bahiano or Brazilian. But the idea of ​​honoring the place where everyone lived, with Victoria, the Arthêmio was chosen.

So great was the desire to impose nationalist immigrants from England who were initially chosen the colors green and yellow. However, black and white logo was built by the lack of sports equipment with the flag colors red and black traditional Brasil.O was adopted only after a while.

In cricket, the Victoria had been doing successfully, but with the return of Jose Ferreira Jr., the Zuza Ferreira, who spent some years studying in English lands, to Bahia, the local scene has changed. Zuza has brought with it a different sport, which soon would become the rage among young Bahian and Brazilian soccer.

Lion of the Bar

In 1902, already practicing other sports like soccer, rowing, swimming, athletics and cricket itself, which took the name, the Club of Victoria Cricket Club Sport became Victoria.Na same time of change, the club received the nickname that leads to today.

That first year of rowing, the Victoria, which had the boats and Tabajara Tupy, has accomplished a lot to remember. His rowers left the Port of Bar and went to the Port of Tainheiros in Itapagipe. The fact that received considerable attention at the time, led to the nickname Lions Bar for athletes, and later for his own red and black fans.

Foundation Beginning in football

In football, the Victoria played his first match on May 22, 1901, against a team hastily formed by members of the crews of British ships moored in the harbor. The starting resulted in a successful 3-2 for local time.

The debut of the first team victory was Sept. 13, 1903, the year of inauguration of its football department. In a hard fought match, also marking the inauguration of the Martyrs´ Field, now called the Field of Powder, the Lion defeated Bahia Sao Paulo Football Club, a team formed by members of the colony Paulista, for 2 to 0.Em 1904, many other teams had been founded in Bahia and football as a sport was not unknown to the public. Huge crowds formed to watch the games, the sound of brass bands and brass bands. This year was one of the founders of the first Football League of Bahia, Bahia called League Sports Ground, which would organize the first Baiano Football Championship in the year seguinte.O International Cricket Club took the cup, while the Victory won third place.

During this time, full of news for young people who experienced the new sport, rowing, now traditional, loomed as a major activity of the Victory. The victory also showed talent in athletics, water polo (sport in which he was undefeated two years), swimming and even chess. The pioneering spirit of the club led to the founding Bahiana Boxing Federation.

First titles, amateurism and fasting

Cast Bahian Champion Victoria, 1908.

The Victoria began her journey of achievements in football, after vicecampeão the two previous editions, in 1908, when he became, first, a Bahian Champion League clubs played only three first, because the output from Baiano, who dissolved. The championship came the following year.

After being runner-up for more than two occasions in 1911 and 1912, the league was abolished by probable differences internas.Assim, took part of another league championship in 1913, this time admitting players and clubs from the lower classes, and especially black , which did not please the clubs of the "old guard". The Victoria and the other teams that were part of the organization of the championships so far not agreed to the new style and left the league, making room for other clubs to inscreverem.Assim, 1913 to 1919, the red-black did not attend the event, allowing other teams to consolidate the state and take care of Bahia titles, so that, on his return in 1920, the Lion was not enjoying the same success with their teams.

Match between Victoria and Santos Dumont by Baiano, 1907.

The Victoria has stayed out of the editions of 1930, 1931 and 1937, due to their problem with the amateurism. In the 1930s and 1940s, players were mostly university students, who left the team so formed. If not, the Victoria losing players to other teams that offered high salaries, have professional teams.

Despite these problems, the red and black managed to clinch the six-time Top Tournament in 1926, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944 and 1949, a tournament of great credibility at the time and did not leave the team at Bar be forgotten by fans.

Professionalization and titles

In the early 1950s, the Victoria had not yet fully professionalized, had already left to play championships and thus not able to bond for a long time. This "problem" was solved in 1953, an exciting match against Botafogo.

The result was repeated in 1955 and 1957, this time against the eternal rival Bahia on both occasions.

Championship boycotted by the press

After winning the first round of the Bahia State Championship in 1964, a journalist published in his newspaper that the team was red and black irregular climbing a player to win the first part of the event. [38] As a journalist, a few days later, was assaulted on a bus Ney and Ferreira, president of Victoria, and his athletic director, Henrique Cardoso were accused of the act. These accusations that the press served to boycott any news of the two championships that the team came to winning the Bar. [38]

Professor Paul Leandro, in his work "The journalist and the Top Hat", reminding of Sport Journal, the only means of communication that continued to report on the Victoria, reported the fact that even today is remembered by fans

Baiano, 1972

Rival tricolor Victoria dominated the state scene in the 1930s and 40s. When red and black, was left trying to end the hegemony each passing year. In the 1960s, had achieved a historic championship, but in the next decade, only a year some time succeeded in getting the title was not for the tricolor. And in 1972, when the red and black had a devastating attack: Osni, Andrew and Mario Sergio Catimba.

The cast of that achievement is remembered as one of the best of all time already formed by Leão.O first round was won by the rival, after defeating Victoria, undefeated so far. In the second round, the decision was once again in Ba Vi, with the victory and undefeated again, this time doing win. The third round was decided on penalties with the tricolor is sagrando winner.

Thus, the championship would be decided in another classic, the decision of the tenth state fair with a Ba-Vi. With two goals and one Osni Catimba, the Victory won 3-1 the second game, after having triumphed by 2-1 in the first, and was crowned first undefeated champion in the history of Bahia, and was the eighth victory of the baianão.

With his rival state dominating the scene for decades, the Victoria just got to be a champion in Bahia in 1980.1985 and 1989.

José Américo Son Tournament

In 1976, there was a second edition of José Américo Son Tournament. With twelve teams competing in the contest, the red-black was the champion after winning in the end, the American Christmas by 3-0 with two goals from one of Julio and Joe Geraldão. A successful campaign had seven wins, five draws and one defeat.

The cry of the most famous fans of Victoria, "Nêgo" was built after an error of the crowd, something that happened in 1981, in a game against Gremio, telling the Brazilian Championship. After beginning the second half trailing by 1-0, the Vitoraça, organized supporters of the team, tried to motivate the players with their cries. One of them, "Leeeeãããão" which was first used, it stuck, but otherwise. The rest of the stadium heard wrong and ended up shouting "Nêêêêgoooo", and now the cry is the most use to play the red and black.

Independence and hegemony state

The 1990s was certainly a turning point in the history of Victoria. A new management team had taken control of a few years ago with promises of making it a top club in Brazil. The first achievement was the financial independence, since the club was still living on donations and favors from their fans ilustres.A management is characterized by high investment (even down to the standards of Brazilian football at the time) in the basic categories, which worked: with six victories Baiano Football Championship (1990, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1999) against four of his rival, the Victoria state and consolidated hegemony reduced the advantage of the large arch rival in state bonds and direct confrontations of the classic Ba Vi, the most classic of the Northeast and one of the largest in Brazil.

Vice-Brazilian championship

The decade began promisingly, with the third championship in the history of red and black in 1989-90.Três years later, on his return to Serie A, the Victoria assembled a cast modest, giving priority to their basic division, which would be your main weapon for the future. Names like Dida, Paulo Isidoro, Alex Alves, Rodrigo, Giuliano were incorporated into the main cast that year, and were key components to the campaign of Leon at the event.

After eliminating teams like Flamengo, Corinthians and Santos, the Victoria reached the final against Palmeiras millionaire. The difference between the two clubs was striking. To get an idea, the entire team payroll Bahia corresponded only to the salary of Edmund, paulista.O Palmeiras striker of the team ended up winning both games of the finals, taking the title and leaving the runner-up for the red and black.

Bahia and third championship Nordestão

Only in 1997 the Victoria back to make a satisfactory campaign in the Brazilian Championship, the year that ended in 9th place, 1 point to the final stage of classification. 1997 was also the first year of the team´s third championship Bahia Bar and its first World Cup in the Northeast, in which event got 5 wins, 2 draws and just one defeat, made achieved after beating archrival Bahia in the finals of both tournaments.

In the third championship campaign, the Lion had 17 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. Adding to the numbers of previous campaigns, 1995 and 1997, has 93 games, 62 wins, 20 draws and 11 defeats.


The fourth title came not in 1998 but in 1999, the centennial year of the red-black Bahia, another "double" came and another great campaign in the Brasileirão, when he was in 3rd place, being eliminated by Atletico Mineiro, in the semifinals. After finishing the qualifying in 6th position, the Victoria, commanded by Toninho Cerezo, faced in the quarter-finals, Vasco da Gama, making, in the first game, a game memorable, which is often called the best team in the game was Barradão, having won 5-4 by the team from Rio de Janeiro. Draw the other two games and advanced to the semifinals, where they face Atletico Mineiro. After winning one and losing another game, succumbed in the third game and said goodbye to the competition.

The conquest of Baiano was the most controversial in the history of Victoria. Title shared with his rival tricolor, today is a controversial issue. The Cup of the Northeast this year has come again in a final against the same Bahia in two games, having the Flamengo won the first game 2-0 and the second by rival 1-0.

Promising beginning of the decade

The 2000s began just as the previous one, with another state championship and more plans to maintain the hegemony that for the first time in 80 years, returned from the red and black.

The year 2001 was the only decade in which Victoria did not celebrate any achievement. In all others, the state title or promotion was a source of pride for the fans, as happened in the next two years, when he won the Championships in 2002 and 2003 from Bahia, the northeast beyond the World Cup 2003.

Series B after thirteen years

The year 2004 was a year of more irregular and strange history of the club. With the hiring of weight as the new world champions Bahia by the Brazilian Vampeta and Edilson, we expected much of the year.The first time was exciting, after winning the Baianão 2004, the State of Bahia Cup 2004 and an overwhelming start, getting on the end of the Premier League and reaching the semifinals of the Cup of Brazil, several problems, financial and social, swept the cast in the first round of the Brasileirão and Victoria went into free fall and was demoted to Serie B.

Tetracampeonato Bahia and Series C

The promises to return the team to the Bahian elite next year the board were helped by the Cup championship and the State of Bahia Bahia unprecedented and historic fourth title in 2005, unbeaten, with 9 wins and 5 draws in 14 games, consolidating once for all the red-black area in the state.

The total numbers of who won four championships are even more impressive. In 54 games, the Victoria triumphed 35 times, drew 13 and lost only six games, giving a total utilization of more than 72% of the time bar.

Despite these achievements, the team suffered from its weak defense. In Series B, despite having fought the whole championship for positions that would lead the next phase of the championship, the team came once again in freefall, and the last five games played, the red-black only won one point. Even so, the chances were still falling remotíssimas, needed a combination of at least four results to the Lion being demoted. But the impossible happened. Along with its main rival Bahia, succumbed to the embarrassment of playing in Serie C seguinte.A years tragedy was so great that the board was replaced, the entire cast was almost relieved and still leaves its mark, as processes, debts and grievances between fans and / or former employees of the club.

Return to Series

In 2006, the victory still felt the tragedy and lost the Bahia State Championship for the modest and organized Colo Colo, breaking a taboo of almost 40 years without a win from inside the club campeonato.Mas a comeback was yet to come. After winning the third championship of the State of Bahia Cup, the Victoria, with a cast made up mainly of bets and revelations, could not make a campaign as brilliant, but better than anyone expected, becoming vice-champion that year and rising to Series B.

In 2007, the promises were harder and the expectation was very competitive in Serie B so disputed that year. But the club has managed to maintain a regularity seldom seen in its history, remaining in the first positions in the league all year and returning to the elite of Brazilian soccer. To date, only the Victoria get this done (be demoted to Serie C and Serie A return to the pitch without having to face the table, as was common in Brazilian football, and remain in the elite).

Consistency in the elite and Copa Sudamericana

In 2008, the team started badly Bahia State Championship, finishing the first stage in third place. But thanks to pleasant surprises at the end of the contest, the victory won another championship Bahia. [64] But not everyone had in mind the return of the Lion Series, after three years away. The press and public were quite surprised with the campaign´s red and black. The team ended up finishing the first round in fifth place, a position for a spot in Libertadores.No Cup second round, due to the departure of key players in the scheme of time and disagreements between players and coaches, the club ended up losing the chance to fight for the continental tournament, finishing the season in tenth place, ensuring spot in the Copa Sudamericana.

The state third championship came in 2009, along with the first participation in the Copa Sudamericana and the second year after the Serie A hell of Series C. The victory ended up not doing good campaign in continental championship and was eliminated in second round of the River Plate final, time uruguaio.Na Brazil Cup, has not passed the Vasco da Gama, in the quarter-final.No Brasileirão, after a start excellent, getting the G4 for 12 rounds, ended up having the same free fall of the previous year, and finished the event in 13 °, ensuring at least one place in the Copa Sudamericana 2010.

Bi-tetra Bahia, Brazil Cup of vice and the tetra Nordestão.

In 2010, a campaign with top ace rivals, has won the the second time, four-time Bahia, beating again final.Com Bahia in the second row tetra, was next to Fortaleza, the state champion of the decade, as the biggest winner Brazilian state championships, with eight titles.

In Brazil Cup, the team made it to Bahia for the first time to the end of the competition, deciding the title against the Saints, the hottest team in the country (history that the club had lived seventeen years before, in 1993). After losing by 2-0 Belmiro in and win by 2-1 in Barradão ended the vicecampeonato.

At the turn of Nordestão, which was not done since 2003, the club managed to win his fourth regional title, playing with the team "B", beating ABC in the final by 2-1.

New relegation and 2011

However, the contention of the Brasileirão, was demoted to finish the event in 17th place, needing to beat Atletico Goianiense in the last round at home and just getting a draw from 0 to 0.Mesmo with almost 40,000 people in Barradão to start (the fact that occurred in the last four games of the club at their stadium), the team failed to score even one goal.

Disclosure of talents

The Victoria is a club that also stands out because of their youth system, which has already been pointed out by the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport as "one of the seven largest granaries of the world´s superstars" in the year 2004.No its peak between 1995 and 2000, the club won twenty-one world titles, counting junior, youth and children.

Players at the Brazilian National Team as Bebeto, Dida, Vampeta, Rodrigo, Jr., Dudu, Adaílton, Marcelo Moreno, David Luiz, Hulk and many who were considered great revelations of the country at the time were "released" and / or negotiated clubs with renowned overseas as Alex Silva, Felipe, Obina, Fabio Costa, Matuzalem, Julinho, Adaílton Alcides, Nadson, Marquinhos and many others.

In the selections made throughout the country, the Victoria recruit future players. Recent examples of calls for basic selections are David Luiz, revealed by Victoria in 2005 and inducted into the 2007 World Under-20, Marcelo Moreno, also in 2005, called for various selections based on today for the Brazilian and Bolivian National Team, Marquinhos, revealed in 2008, drafted into the South American U-20 in 2009, considered one of the biggest revelations of the Brasileirão 2008, Victor Ramos, summoned to the FIFA U-20, 2009, in Egypt, and Alan Henry, drafted into the South American 2011.Entre of 1994 and 2004, a total of 62 boys were summoned to selections based in Brazil.

In 2006, Victoria was Champion Junior Baiano, youth, children´s and Super Junior Bahia upon his rival, Bahia, and champion of the Northeast Junior (for the second time in four editions, 2004 and 2006, been vice in 2003), beating Nautical by 3-2 in the final in Maceió. In the state domain in the divisions of base, the Victoria collects evidence outside of Brazil as the world championship tournaments Dallas Cup, Rotary Cup and USA Cup, the world´s hexa Philips Cup (now the Otten Cup) and more recent examples such as the Tournament of Freiburg and Oberndorf, won in 2009, which had participation from clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Borussia Dortmund and Stuttgart, and the Brazil Cup U-15.


Fans of the Victory in Ba Vi in 2011.

The red and black holds a rivalry almost 80 years with the Sport Club Bahia, Salvador tri club. The Classic Ba Vi, as is known, is one of the most popular in Brazil. The first match between these two teams was in 1932, when Victoria was returning to compete in the Football Championship Baiano, recovering from a crisis, and had the tricolor as the winner: 3-0. Since then, they are 437 games with 133 victories of the Lion

The biggest win of the Victory in Ba-Vis was in 1948, when the red and black applied in rival 7-1.





The Unbeatable, founded in October 20, 1997 by four fans who idealized a more active crowd for the Victory Sports Club, has revolutionized the way of twisting in Bahia and is now the largest and best known supporters of the Lion Among the members of the crowd, are some prominent supporters such as the boxer and musician Popo Tihuana Banda, Fernando Bay, which goes to his concerts with Victory shirts.

Shirt 12: born of the union of two twisted club, Young Lions and loyal Crimson-Black, in 2008, aiming to give more support to the team and generate more interest in a renewed and more active crowd.


Command Red and Black.


Among the presidents of Victoria, three names stand out. Manoel Tanajura Bridges, from 1951 to 1953, made what would be the professionalism of the club, doing what it took the format of the current Brazilian clubs.

From 1983 to 1986, José Alves Rocha was responsible for leading the construction of the stadium Manoel Barradas, greatest asset of a club of Bahia and one of the largest in the Northeast, and that would be the point at which the hegemony of the state would come to the next red- black.

Continuing the work of Jose Rocha, Paulo Carneiro, who chaired the club (between Victoria S / A and Win CE) from 1991 to 2005, he commanded the Lion during the most winners of its history, bringing more titles in fifteen years than were achieved in eighty.

Orçamentos de Laguinhos
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Filtros Biológicos
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Anti-algas e Anti-Cloro
O fim das algas em seu lago.

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