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It all started when in September 1923, the dealer called from Florianópolis Amadeu Horn met a group of kids, assiduous practitioners of football, and who organized their games in the street in the neighborhood Friar Mug Big Stone. Amadeu then decided to realize the dream of those kids who was able to use the "suits" (a term used to designate the time the uniform) during the games as well as the famous teams used. The dealer donated a soccer kit to kids who, besides winning a ball and cleats also were awarded the much dreamed of "suits" containing striped blue shirt and white shorts and blue socks in honor of his team of heart, the extinct river.
Then, one Saturday in September 1st, 1923 at a meeting at the home of Amadeu Horn, it was decided they would start a club. The name chosen was Independence was the founder and president, Amadeo. Behold, late for the meeting, Arnaldo de Oliveira Pinto reached and influenced the group to change the name since Independence would be a complicated name for the fans screaming in support of the team. Since that time Arnold was reading a book on the history of Brazil, he suggested the name Avahy in reference to the Battle of Avahy. All supported the idea and it was there that he began the story of then Avahy Foot-ball Club.
The Avaí was the first champions of the Football League of Santa Catarina, made this occurred in 1924. He played first division Brazilian league (Serie A) on four occasions in 1974, 1976, 1977 and 1979. In 1998, he won the only national title in a football team of Florianopolis, the third division of the Brazilian championship (Series C). Since 1999, the Series B and plays the best campaigns happened in 2001 and 2004, when Avaí was among the top four, but can not be promoted to first division (only the two best placed teams were promoted). In 2008, gained access to three games to spare, winning by Brasiliense 1-0 at the Estadio da Silva Ramos Aderbal with Evando goal at 81 minutes of play. From 2009, he returned to Avai National First Division, playing in the Serie A Football Championship.
The Avaí Santa Catarina is the club with the largest number of titles won in the 20th century. It is also one of the biggest winners of the Santa Catarina State Championship Cup.


Premier League Soccer - Series C: 1998
Santa Catarina State Championship: 15 times - 1924, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1973, 1975, 1988, 1997, 2009 and 2010.
Conmebol Ranking: 56th (45.9 points).
Best placed Club in Santa Catarina.
CBF´s Ranking: 39 (540 points).
Points won in 2010: 49 points.
Ranking Score: 35 (31 points).
Ranking Championship Points: 28 (100 points).
Club World Ranking IFFHS: 222 (84 points).
RSSSF Catarinense Ranking Championship: 1st (280 points).



In the first years after the founding, Avai had a shield than the current one. The format was similar to shields that clubs like Santos currently use, and inside was a circle with a white background with the letters "AFC" in blue and central position in the circle that meant Avahy Foot-ball Club, which later became to call Avai Futebol Clube and earned a new badge.
The shield current Avai Futebol Clube was designed based on the club´s first uniform (shirt with vertical stripes in blue and white), used at the time of founding and continues until today. It has a format that resembles a triangle with curved sides. At the top there is the inscription "Avai FC" in blue on a white background. At the bottom, there are nine vertical stripes, five blue and four white.
Above the shield, since 1999 the club adopts a yellow star symbolizes the conquest of the Brazilian Championship Series C, the first (and still only) national title in football and Avai in Florianopolis.


White flag with blue horizontal stripes on the upper and lower extremities and club logo in the center, on a white background.



The Lion of Ressacada.
In the 1950s, when the Avaí has ​​worked in the old Stadium Adolfo Konder, Mr Olympio who was a narrator of a radio Florianópolis, called the blue team and white like a Lion and race for the bravery with which he had acted in one more victory in the city derby against Figueirense. How Avai is the only team based in Florianópolis island, the team became known as the Lion of the Island.
Official anthem
The anthem has Avaí Luiz Henrique Rosa music and lyrics by Fernando Bastos José Caldeira. The two created the song in 1971 and the same night that made up, grabbed his guitar and went into the studio of the now defunct Radio Truth Journal of Florianópolis and presented it in the "Zero Time Sports," which despite the early hour ( almost an hour in the morning), and had a very high IBOPE impact was very great. After it was made the first recording of the hymn with 1,500 discs produced and counting with the participation of the Band of Seven, and the singer Vera Rosa.
In 2004 Avai released a CD with the song of the club, plus the original version, contained versions in other rhythms like Bossa Nova, Reggae, Rock, Samba, among others.
The fans and the club often say that the song is "one of the most beautiful hymns of Brazilian football."



The Stadium Aderbal Ramos da Silva, popularly known as Ressacada Stadium, owned by Avai, was built in 1982 and 1983 to replace the old Stadium Adolfo Konder. The Ressacada currently has capacity for 17,800 people and their attendance record is 25,735 paying a total of over 30,000, Santa Catarina State Championship final in 1988.
Since its inception, Ressacada hosted three games of the Brazilian championship finals and seven officers.
On August 31, 2007 Avai inaugurated the premises of the stadium, the Valley Library Nereus Pereira.
In 2008 Avai presented the new project with predicted improvements in their stadium. The project consists of expanding the stadium to 30,000 seats, coverage in the stands with chairs as well as social and B, 400 new cabins with individual bathrooms, and building support, restaurant, gym, physiotherapy center, pools, memorial, plaza supply, store and Avaí administrative sector.

Training Center.

The Athlete Training Centre (CFA), which also serves as a training center was opened on September 3, 2005. One area of ​​the site which is adjacent to the Stadium of Ressacada, was baptized "John Shallum" in honor of former club president from 1974 to 1976 and from 1980 to 1983.


Avaí Store.

The Avaí has ​​a chain of stores called oficais Avaí Store. Today, there is the matrix attached to the stage of subsidiary and Ressacada Center in Florianopolis, but the club´s project is to expand the network of branches in the same city and later in other, more disclosing the brand of the club.
Old headquarters
The former headquarters of the then Avahy Foot-ball Club, located at Rua Councillor Mafra, No. 10 and was inaugurated on September 8, 1931. The seat had a large ballroom, a place for games and bar services. The inauguration event took place at 17 o´clock that Tuesday.
Facade of the Memorial.
On July 20, 2009, Avai inaugurated the memorial athletic club. The place called Adolfinho Memorial in honor of former athlete from the club, has a history of conquests, former athletes, former coaches and many facts about the club throughout its existence. It also has a Walk of Fame, inaugurated by the hands of the Adolfinho.
The memorial is located in Sector A of the Ressacada Stadium, close to bars, just down the road and the lawn is open for public visitation.



From 1923 to 1987, Avai not done any advertising companies on their uniform game. Even when the club signed an advertising contract with Formacco Decorama in 1983. Pebbles passed by the company in 1984 and 1985, Portobello SA in 1986 and 1987 and the following year, title sponsorship of the team was Serietate, real estate firm. The sponsorship lasted until the year 1989, through the conquest of Santa Catarina state championship title in 1988.
The brand companies, since they are printed centrally on the front, below the shield, shirt, and back above the number that differences footballers.
In 1992, Avai took his uniform in the company´s brand Catarina ECE branch of engineering.
In 1993 the BESC (Banco do Estado de Santa Catarina), took over as sponsor of the club. In the years 1994 to 1996 the old knitting now as Our Lady Aparecida Pieri Sports, resumes as main sponsor.
In 1997 partnered with the authorized reseller of Peugeot Cap Ferrat, this partnership which earned the club the league title in 1997 in Santa Catarina.
Even in 1998, the year of the club´s greatest achievement to date the Series C, signed with the company´s sponsorship of the Portobello branch of ceramics by the year 2002, a partnership that became the most enduring in the history of that club until today.
Between 2003 and 2005 the club has not closed any lasting partnership for the display of sponsorship master, arriving in 2004 to use the space for solidarity campaigns in partnership with the company Loducca D´Araujo.
Between 2006 and 2009 Avai stamped the name and brand Distributor Tariff that is in the business of distributing computer products.
At the end of the contract with the Tariff, Avai remained for a time without your sponsor master, including the conquest of his 15th State Title. It was in the second round of The Serious Brazilian Championship, the club presents its newest partner, Intelbras, which is a company of Santa Catarina and the club and the telecommunications industry.

Sporting goods.

The leading supplier of sports equipment to stamp his mark on the shirt adidas Avaí was the German in the early 80s.
In 1988 and 1989 the club had their uniforms supplied by the Santa Catarina Champion brand.
Since 1990 was initiated the partnership with the company Hosiery Our Lady Aparecida, that by the year 1994 came to expose its new brand: Sports Pieri. The partnership lasted until 1998.
In 1999 the club began to manufacture their own uniforms with company Planet Sports, which in 2000 began to display its logo on the materials.
In 2001 the company took over São Paulo Penalty, remaining until the year 2005.
In 2005 it is the turn of the Italian company Kappa and remained with the Avaí for 3 years.
In 2008, while for the Champs League Catarina takes office remained until mid-2009 Brazilian Championship, where they, by problems of supply of materials, Avai terminates contract with the same.
Immediately after the end of the old partnership, Avai who had faced problems with the materials formecimento Kappa and Champs announces a partnership with Sports Pieri and just as in 1999 itself Avaí started to produce their own uniforms under new brand Fanatic.

By: Site Oficial do Avaí.
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Orçamentos de Laguinhos
Monte em instantes o orçamento para seu laguinho.

Filtros Biológicos
Veja on-line que custa muito pouco acabar com as algas.

Anti-algas e Anti-Cloro
O fim das algas em seu lago.

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