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Regatta Club Brazil.

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Founded in 1912 by a group of fans, was founded in Maceió Alagoas Club Regatta. Its headquarters was located on Main Street, 138. Despite its name, there was no whaling in the rowers new club. The fee was five hundred thousand reis and generated little revenue. Among its founders were young Lafaiete Pacheco, Antonio Bessa, Celso and Alexandre Coelho Noble. The first looked at his companions an increase in tuition, but the idea was not accepted by the majority.
Pacheco then sought Lafaiete Antonio Vianna and explained his idea to create a yacht club in Pajuçara. Accepted the idea, seven other boys were invited to found a new club in Alagoas.
On Jasmine Street in Pajuçara, on September 20, 1912, founded the Club de Regatas Brazil. Besides Lafaite Pacheco and Antonio Vianna, signed the minutes of the foundation the following sports: John Luiz Albuquerque, Waldomiro, Pedro Claudio Duarte, Lieutenant Julian, Augustine Miller, Francisco Azevedo Bahia and John Viana de Souza. The first steps were taken in the club racing, joining the football only in 1916.
Through Lafaiete Pacheco, bought the CRB, in Santos, his first Yole (boat racing). Two hundred milreis was worth. Members contributed 100 thousand reis and the other 100 were borrowed. The vessel arrived on the ship Itapetinga. It was a beautiful boat, modern, eight oars with a boss. The trainings were conducted in the sea crossing to the Ponta Verde Pajuçara.
The leaders of the Club de Regatas Brazil had to get a place to build a garage. The land is the same found what is now the headquarters of the club. The terrain was open and it was necessary for re-founding of the club they could afford to buy boards, whose spending was 3000 reis.
The first football teams relied on the CRB Zagalo Harold, father of world champion Mario Jorge Lobo. The team still had a German named Peter extremely skilled, Bahia Lauro Gondim and brothers.
In 1927, the CRB wins its first state title, but repeating the feat three years later. In the following decade, the Club de Regatas Brazil totaled five titles, four consecutive (37, 38, 39 and 40). After the fourth championship, fans regatiana had to endure an entire decade in line to be able to return to celebrate.
The CRB came back to win a fourth championship in the 70 Alagoas, to bill the state fair from 1976 to 1979. The club has the highest scorer in the history of the championships Alagoas: Johnny Paulista, who wore the alvirrubra in the 80 and scored 160 goals for the Roosters. Most goals in one league also belongs to the CRB, in 1995, Inha scored 37 goals for the club in the competition.
In 1994, the CRB makes a great Cup campaign in the Northeast, being a finalist in the competition. In its decision of 15th December, the King Pele Stadium, the CRB blurted out the title after being defeated by the Sport 3-2 in penalties after the match scoreless. The CRB is also the only team not to play alagoano the 2nd division of the state.

Major historical events

1912 - It is founded on September 20, in the neighborhood of Pajuçara in Maceió, Brazil Clube de Regatas.

1916 - The CRB acquires for 300 milreis, the land belonging to Maria Torres in a prime area of ​​Pajuçara.

1917 - St initiated works for the construction of the stadium Pajuçara.

1920 - On May 2, held in Maceió, his first interstate match against Flamengo in Recife.

1921 - It is inaugurated the first flight of the stadium bleachers Pajuçara against the Centro Sportivo Peres, Recife.

1927 - Wins Championship Alagoas, and becomes the first state champion club.

1930 - Wins the Championship for the second time Alagoas.

1937 - Conquest of the 3rd Alagoano Championship after seven years of fasting.

1938 - Wins the 4th Championship Alagoas. The March of the conquest of the championship was the hiring of the brilliant Hungarian coach Franz Caspar.

1939 - Conquest of the 5th Alagoano Championship and became the first club to win a third championship in a row. Earlier this year the "Squadron" by Franz Caspar applied the biggest win of the classic story in the game that became known as "Game of Sofia", when the CRB applied the CSA 6x0. The goals were scored by Arlindo (2), Dudley Bocão (2), Claudio Regis and Ramalho.

1940 - Conquest of the 6th Alagoano Championship, making the "Squadron" by Franz Caspar the greatest champion in history, being the first to win a fourth championship in a row Alagoas.

1950 - After 10 years without a title, winning the 7th Championship Alagoano a team led by legendary quarterback Michael Rosas (largest idol in the history of the club).

1951 - Conquest of the 8th Championship Alagoas. Another championship in a row.

1954 - Opened bids Pajuçara end of the bleachers, a structure that can be seen to this day.

1961 - After a long fast more than 10 years, winning his 9th championship Alagoas.

1962 - Took first of the Brazil Cup soccer.

1964 - Conquest of the 10th Championship Alagoano its history.

1969 - Wins the 11th World Championship Alagoano its history.

1970 - Conquest of the 12th Championship Alagoano its history, one more championship in a row.

1971 - For the first time participated in the Championship, the second division.

1972 - Conquest of the 13th Championship Alagoano its history. It was also the first year of participation of the CRB in Premier League 1st division, when he finished in 25th place.

1973 - Conquest of the 14th Championship Alagoano its history, with more than one championship in a row and 36th in the championship in Brazil.

1975 - Wins the Tournament José Américo de Almeida Filho (Northeastern Football Tournament) in Joao Pessoa in Paraiba.

1976 - The generation that would remember the "Squadron" of the late ´30s, winning the 15th championship in club history Alagoas. earned his best finish in the top division of the Brazilian Championship with a 17th place.

1977 - Conquest of the 16th Championship Alagoano its history, one more championship in a row.

1978 - Conquest of the 17th Championship Alagoas, with a third championship in a row.

1979 - Conquest the second consecutive fourth championship in its history, culminating in the 18th title in club history.

1983 - Returns to Champion Alagoas, with the 19th title of the story.

1986 - Wins the Championship Alagoano the 20th time.

1987 - With another championship in a row, winning the Championship Alagoano for the 21st time.

1992 - Wins the Championship Alagoano the 22nd time in history.

1993 - Conquest alagoano the championship in a row, 23 of the story. Conquest also selective, Series B, ensuring access to the Serie B Championship.

1994 - vice-champion of the Northeast to be defeated by the Sport of Recife in the collection of penalties.

1995 - Wins the Championship Alagoano the 24th time in history.

2002 - Conquest Alagoano Championship for the 25th time.

2009 - It opened the shop´s official CRB.

2010 - It is inaugurated the new bid stands at the point of Pajuçara.

2011 - The CRB winning access to the series B of the Brazilian Football and makes the final against Joinville-SC.

2012 - Year of the centenary of the club.

2012 - After many years the Chairman of the Kennedy Calheiros renucia the post and goes in its place the renowned businessman of the state Enaldo Marques.



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Orçamentos de Laguinhos
Monte em instantes o orçamento para seu laguinho.

Filtros Biológicos
Veja on-line que custa muito pouco acabar com as algas.

Anti-algas e Anti-Cloro
O fim das algas em seu lago.

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