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sanitary landfill.

Orçamentos de Laguinhos
Monte em instantes o orçamento para seu laguinho.

Filtros Biológicos
Veja on-line que custa muito pouco acabar com as algas.

Anti-algas e Anti-Cloro
O fim das algas em seu lago.


The garbage or solid waste we produce in our home, our work in our school or anywhere else pollutes the environment and considerably aggravates the situation of landfills in the country, that when cities have a landfill, because many have only a deposit in the open where people who derive their livelihood from the trash can become infected with diseases. In these cities is necessary to better environmental control and greater attention to public health.

The waste of human activity have been building up and degrading the natural environment, which means that resources are more scarce and therefore more expensive.
What happens is that most people do not care about the amount of disposable material that generates and continues to use more than recycle plastic bags, metals, electronics, that with the advent of modernity become quickly outdated, wood, glass, besides the waste of food and many other materials that are quickly rendered useless, unwanted or disposable.

A landfill is a space for the final disposal of solid waste generated by human activity come from households, industries, hospitals, buildings and consists of alternating layers of trash and dirt that prevents odor and the proliferation of animals.

A landfill follows the principles of engineering to confine solid waste to the smallest area possible and reduce them to the smallest possible volume, covering them with a layer of earth at the conclusion of the workday or at shorter intervals, if necessary. Should be sealed and have restricted access, have controlled the amount of trash and know what types of waste being deposited. The majority of the landfills are built in places away from cities because of the stench and the possibility of contamination of soil and groundwater. This contamination can occur by infiltration of leachate or leachate, liquid components containing toxic waste flowing into the soil and water bodies.

Currently, there are rules governing the implementation of the landfill, and one of these rules is the implementation of waterproof blankets to prevent this infiltration. It is also necessary that there is the withdrawal of liquid for efficient drainage systems, with further treatment of waste without harm the environment. Gases are also released and can be utilized as fuel, which can bring financial benefits. Other ways are more environmentally viable recycling, composting, reuse and reduction.
With recycling, materials that can not be recycled go to landfill. But for this to be possible, it is necessary that we have a selective collection of garbage, ie, the separation of the different components we use.
By recycling the materials are processed into a raw material for the production of a new product, thus reducing the use of natural sources. One example is recycling of aluminum cans. Reuse means use again, or not giving a new function to an object considered useless, as when one turns the milk carton box for this life.

To avoid wasting food, many people keep chickens in order to take both the eggs as food remains human. Since composting is a set of techniques. The man uses the compost to control the biological processes of microorganisms to transform organic matter into a material called composite, similar to the soil, used as fertilizer because it is rich in nutrients and humus. This process increases the presence of natural fungicides and water retention by the soil.

Another interesting way to reduce the amount of waste produced is consumer awareness, that is, buy what you will actually use, without exaggeration to prevent any waste.

By: Giorgia Lay-Ang.
Ana Paula and Good Tips.
Orçamentos de Laguinhos
Monte em instantes o orçamento para seu laguinho.

Filtros Biológicos
Veja on-line que custa muito pouco acabar com as algas.

Anti-algas e Anti-Cloro
O fim das algas em seu lago.

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