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11 tips to avoid or ward off hangovers.

Orçamentos de Laguinhos
Monte em instantes o orçamento para seu laguinho.

Filtros Biológicos
Veja on-line que custa muito pouco acabar com as algas.

Anti-algas e Anti-Cloro
O fim das algas em seu lago.


After indulging in drink, it is common to suffer from the unwanted dislikes the hangover the next day. Really, who passes the point is not free of discomfort. The signs are classic: the head looks like it will explode, nausea, dizziness, weakness and a thirst for killing make you wish you never have emptied a glass before. No wonder that your body is weakened. It works like this: the body spends glucose to metabolize alcohol. Glucose is sugar, sugar is energy. Result: we are weak. Excess alcohol also attacks the central nervous system and causes irritation and sleep; corrupts chemical mechanisms in the brain, causing headaches, irritated mucous membranes of the digestive tract, causing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, and inhibits the action of antidiuretic hormone, leading to thirst and dry mouth. The lightheadedness does not stop there.

Excessive intake of alcohol can bring various health hazards such as weight gain and fat accumulation, especially in the abdominal region. "Chronic use can cause brain damage, type 2 diabetes, ulcers and inflammation of the stomach and intestine, hepatitis, depression, kidney damage, bladder, prostate and pancreas, among other diseases"

Eat well

Eating before drinking is the golden rule against the hangover. "When we drink a full stomach, food decreases the diffusion of alcohol through the walls of the stomach and slow the passage of alcohol into the intestine, where it is rapidly absorbed." Thus, alcohol fades in the bloodstream and takes longer to reach the brain.

Attention to the liver

Try to eat foods that will protect your liver. It is he who produces the enzyme that digests alcohol, and when overloaded, produces a toxin that causes headache. Days before, a face beet juice and garlic to boost the body. Include in your meal foods with polyunsaturated fat found in fish and virgin olive oil. Or, take your spoon of olive oil, pour it into a dish, add salt and dip pieces of bread in the mixture.

Drink moderately

Progress with delicacies and drink cups of water. Thus, alcohol is not alone in the stomach and, of course, you drink less, since a full stomach reduces the space for the bebidinhas. "Snacks carbohydrate and / or delay the absorption of fat alcohol, for instance, pâté with a crisp toast or a piece of cheese." Give preference to cheese, high fat, and meat, protein sources, which help the digestion of alcohol. Brazil nuts, peanuts, cheese, and to extrapolate, salami are welcome. The salt and fat substances stimulate the secretion of stomach protecting the stomach of the alcohol. But avoid salty snacks, which increase the seat unless you choose to water.

Do not drink alcohol only

Another tip is to put ice or drink water to dilute it or interim non-alcoholic drinks and beverages. Change the water for juice or soda can, too. These drinks are rich in carbohydrates, which help metabolize the alcohol.

Not worsen the situation

Although hangover is inevitable if you ingest too much alcohol, it can be even worse, distillates, such as strikes, liqueurs and whiskey, generate more discomfort because of the concentration and the mixture of substances. Smoking and alcohol form a double harmful to the organism. The more nicotine, less oxygen in the blood and quickly takes the process of intoxication.

Hydrate is

The main cause of hangover is dehydration caused by alcohol, a potent diuretic that stimulates the body fluid loss. Head of water before, during and especially after drinking. Before bed, eat plenty of water. This tactic helps your body metabolize alcohol while you rest. If you get up to pee, take more water. In addition to hydrate your body, it helps eliminate alcohol and get rid of toxins. Acerola juice, lemon and orange also help, because pump protective antioxidants and vitamin C in your body. Drink sports drinks to replenish lost minerals and abuse of coconut water, rich in potassium.

Away from coffee

Avoid the famous coffee bitter, often recommended to reduce the headache. The beverage also has diuretic properties, ie further dehydrate the body.

Power Light

Eat easily digestible foods to avoid further stressing the body, has sparked the effort to process the alcohol. "To mitigate the effects of a hangover, you must have a light diet, low in fat, rich in fruits, vegetables and liquid." Include the menu complex carbohydrates such as bread, biscuit and salt water. Alcohol increases the acidity and irritates the stomach lining. The salted and dried foods slow acid production. These foods also provide energy to the liver time to process the toxins and heavy drinking. Let go of white sauce, yellow cheese and fried.

Do not overdo the drugs

While some drugs help minimize the damage produced by alcohol, such as those that bind analgesic (against headache), antacid (against burning stomach) and antiemetic (versus sick), none is able to solve all at once.

Resting on the day following

Wherever he goes, alcohol causes mayhem. Inside the head then it acts on neurons and disinhibition dizziness. About five hours after drinking the brain cells begin to recover, but are ultrassensíveis. That´s why the light and noise bother you so much. The next day, the damages are still felt and it is practically impossible to concentrate. Rest. Keep the lights off, curtains closed and lay back down. At this point what the body requires is more rest.

Invest in teas

Some of the herbs help to renew the hepatic cells and thus speed up the purification of toxins that are the alcohol in the body. Of sarsaparilla tea, yerba beggarticks, chamomile and lemon balm are excellent detoxifiers. After the meal, green tea and mint aid in digestion.

By: Patrícia Bertolucci. 
Ana Paula and Good Tips.
Orçamentos de Laguinhos
Monte em instantes o orçamento para seu laguinho.

Filtros Biológicos
Veja on-line que custa muito pouco acabar com as algas.

Anti-algas e Anti-Cloro
O fim das algas em seu lago.

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