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World News.


Shark fins, a delicacy or a crime against nature? The death of millions of sharks a criminal, only to remove the fins, a practice that will lift the Blue Shark is the extinction in our planet.

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Stress whale.

American researchers say that the noise of ships in the North Atlantic Ocean is causing stress in whales.

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The bees are disappearing from the earth! You know what´s going on?

You know what´s going on?"If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, the only man remaining four years of life. No bees, no pollination, no plants, no animals, no man."

Albert Einstein

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Wealth of species.

Brazil has an area of ​​8.5 million square kilometers, occupying nearly half of South America.

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River threatened by man.

The biodiversity of rivers threatened by man.

:: See More: River threatened by man. ::


Deforestation x species extinction.

Deforestation x species extinction.

:: See More: Deforestation x species extinction. ::


Endangered animals.

Did you know that there are animals that are virtually disappearing from the planet?! This is at least very worrying, because any kind, animal or plant matter how simple it is, is very valuable for the environment and is irreplaceable.

:: See More: Endangered animals. ::



Can be defined as the variety and variability among living organisms and the ecological complexities in which they occur.

:: See More: Biodiversity. ::


Save the Planet and Biodiversity.

Brazilian Forests in Danger of Extinction!

With the advance of population and industrial coastal cities, the Atlantic Forest was destroyed in 92%, the remaining bit depend onpolitical attitudes and awareness of the population, fauna, flora are threatened!

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Water Pollution! You think about that?

Water Pollution! You think about that? We bring you an in-depth study on the need for us to protect and preserve the water that is vital to our survival!

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Acids in the Ocean.

The problem concerns many European scientists, who met earlier this  in Britain.

:: See More: Acids in the Ocean. ::


Ocean species to unravel.

The life at sea for about 3.5 billion years and still find the sea life forms more diverse and unusual.

:: See More: Ocean species to unravel. ::


Impacts on Biodiversity.

Both the international scientific community and governments and non-governmental environmental groups have been warning for the loss of biological diversity worldwide, and particularly in tropical regions.

:: See More: Impacts on Biodiversity. ::


Save Planet.

Just small things, for the preservation of our planet.

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What is biomass?

What is biomass? How can we harness it? See in this matter as whether a material is biomass or not!

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Polluted cities.

The most polluted cities in the world.

:: See More: Polluted cities. ::

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