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World News.

Bungee jump.

Bungee Jump is a sport and receational activity very interactive;
Where the jumper will jump on a free cable connected to a parallelelastic beam with equipment similar to climbing esportiva.Estainteractivity is partly because it is not necessary to the participantany previous contact with action sports, much less attend courses or classes.

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Some tips for a good camp. It always pays to read tips, after all always learn something.

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The canopy is a recent practice adventure sports. It consists in crossing a walkway suspended from platforms mounted in the treetops. This route is prepared strategically, using steel cables and ropes, with the ultimate goal of increasing the challenge and adrenaline of adventure. It may be necessary Tyrolean or other ways to overcome obstacles which may be natural or not.

:: See More: Canopy. ::


Cycling activities.

It was in England in the mid-nineteenth century, who began cycling as a sport, a time when the improvement of the vehicle made ​​it possible to reach higher speeds. Cycling is governed by different rules. Generally falls into four categories: road tests, evidence for clues, evidence of mountain (mountain bike) and BMX and is practiced with various types and models of bicycles.

:: See More: Cycling activities. ::


Hang Gliding.

Imagine soaring like a hawk to thousands of feet high. Although the air is freezing, the view is stupendous and the solitude is relaxing. You search for air currents to keep it on high to enjoy that feeling for hours. This is the experience of paragliding with hang gliding.

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Fear, fun, adrenaline, which of these feelings can set a goodTyrolean descent? In fact, many people have never heard before this tasty way to play Tarzan as a child, but you really need a high level of safety and accurate vertical technique.

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Who passed through childhood without playing jump rope, made a joke to try a lot of fun. Who has already played, you´ll never forget. It is a sport practiced in regions of low temperature but with this wonderful and charming sports body temperature tends to onlyincrease with adrenaline.

:: See More: Ski. ::


Tourism in caves.

Brazil has cataloged 2,700 caves, concentrated in the Federal District, Goiás, Tocantins, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul,Minas Gerais, Bahia, Sao Paulo and Parana. It is estimated, however, that this corresponds to less than 10% of the total number of caves in the country because, since 1985, about 100new wells are discovered each year.

:: See More: Tourism in caves. ::


Travel by train.

Walk and travel by train has been the best choice for adventurerswho like to enjoy natural landscapes and even revive a few of thepast. Travel well known for tranquility increasingly enchanted our young Brazilians who are surprised to see that not everything is sotechnical and can safe and unforgettable.

:: See More: Travel by train. ::



The waterfalls is an activity where there is a very intimate contact between the practitioner and nature. It can be classified broadly as a rappel "disguised". For nothing more than the practice of descent waterfalls, or not following its natural course, using the techniques of rappelling.

:: See More: Waterfalls. ::


You´ve done an Adventure Tourism?

 Tourism in recreational activities that involve non-competitive challenges, adrenaline and overruns.  The tourism of natural activities, where nature is the object of fun directed to the knowledge and contact with nature and its  touristic exploration, this is Ecotourism. Brazil has a lot of destinations, to practice these types of tourism, with an exuberant nature and full of amazing places that you should know and experience. See what the Governing Bodies, through the Ministry of Tourism is promoting this particular branch of Adventure Tourism.

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